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Public Affairs

Many companies find correctly assessing highly dynamic and frequently complex political and social processes and reacting accordingly a challenge. We work with you to develop strategies that will help you to successfully assert your interests in times of transformation. We draw on our many years of professional and political expertise as well as our reliable network to understand and establish who and what exactly is relevant for you. We help you to engage in fruitful dialogues.


Sustainability was long considered an optional activity for companies. Something that it was nice to have, but nothing more. Today, there’s no way around issues such as reducing CO2 emissions, transparent supply chains, fair working conditions, diversity and a circular economy. Addressing ESG and your own core activities is decisive to every company’s survival. And to whether customers buy and investors invest. Each industry is facing its own specific challenges. Whether trade, the energy, automotive or financial sector, or the pharmaceutical or construction industry, we’re familiar with the hurdles in each and know exactly how you can overcome these. In doing so, we work together with strong partners, for example in the area of climate: Together with the software developer Plan A, we accompany you on the path to net zero. Innovative SaaS platform, strategic consulting and operational support, all from a single source.


You can only reach those you wish to address if you are fully familiar with and also understand them. And you’ll only ever be heard if you take a stance and make your position clear. We understand the power of words and images – and know how to use these. We help you to develop and position your messages so that they also hit home. Both externally and internally as well as – and perhaps especially – during times of upheaval.

Our focus areas

A transformation is necessary across all sectors. And we’re familiar with the needs and requirements in each. We’ve been supporting and advising our clients in the following areas in particular for many years now.

mobility &
construction &
urban development
trade &
food industry
waste disposal &
circular economy
digitalisation &
What sets us apart